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Route Overview

All distances and elevations are approximate and provided here for planning purposes.


A GPX map will be provided to registered riders and a guidebook will be available to purchase for a small fee. 

As this is a self-supported event, riders are responsible for making all their own accommodation and transfer arrangements. Remember to carry cash for food and accommodation providers.

Download The Rebel Ride guidebook from Payhip
Cost $10 NZD.

This event guidebook includes a detailed course breakdown, km-by-km easy-to-follow cue sheet, a link to download the GPX file, information on available services like food stops and accommodation, photo checkpoints to give you souvenirs of your accomplishment, handy hints and the odd bit of humour to get you through.

The cost of the guidebook goes towards the fees I pay for hosting the website and the text registration system. 

Kirikiriroa / Hamilton to Cambridge

Distance: 31km

Elevation: 255m

Trail type: Paved cycle paths, quiet roads.


  • Hamilton and Cambridge: Various food options and accommodation suppliers plus a few bike shops too.     

  • Limited food options in the next few sections, stock up well in Cambridge before departing.       


Cambridge to Karapiro

Distance: 11km

Elevation: 69ms

Trail type: On road cycleways and then paved bike trail.


  • Karapiro: Podium café beside the lake just off the trail. Good options for private Bnbs. Tent sites and chalet at Mighty River Domain.


Karapiro to Maungatautari

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 240ms

Trail type: Quiet roads


  • Maungatautari: Private bnbs available for hire (may offer meals, confirm with provider). Bunk accommodation and tent sites with kitchen and showers available at Epworth Camp.

Maungatautari to Arapuni

Distance: 15km

Elevation: 180ms   

Trail type: Quiet roads


  •  Arapuni: Rhubarb Café at Arapuni. Arapuni backpackers. 


Arapuni to Mangakino

Distance: 54km

Elevation: 878m

Trail type: Sealed road, short section of unsealed road and single track offroad bike trail (Waikato River Trails). South of Waipapa where you join the bike trail will have some narrow and steep sections and be gravel or dirt trails which can sometimes be a bit slippery. For heavily laden bikes pushing will likely be required, or rather the ”Stride of Pride” as I prefer to call it!


  • Toilets at Arapuni landing (3km detour from route)

  • Arohena: Campground, toilets and untreated water supply at Arohena Campsite. Bookings managed by Doc.  Note this is a 3km detour down a steep hill!   

  • Waipapa Dam: Long drop toilets. 

  • Mangakino: Four Square, bakery and café in town. Bnbs and lodges available. Limited camping at Mangakino Domain.


Mangakino to Whakamaru

Distance: 12km

Elevation: 140m

Trail type: Bike trail, short steep areas and sharp corners plus a cool swing bridge!!!


  • Whakamaru: Store, That Dam Café, petrol station and restaurant/takeaway. Accommodation at That Dam Lodge, private bnbs available to book online. Whakamaru Reserve is a great council campsite with showers (not to be confused with Whakamaru domain!) free permits available on South Waikato's website

Whakamaru to Kinloch

Distance: 45km

Elevation: 765m

Trail type: Mostly sealed road with a stunning section of downhill single track to Kinloch. Drop offs on the side of the trail and tight corners to be expected.

Services: Private Bnbs available for booking. For food check out the Tipsy Trout café and Kinloch Store.

Kinloch to Taupō

Distance: 29km

Elevation: 536m

Trail type: Single track bike trail, short section of dirt/gravel road, sealed road into Taupō.

Services: Four square in Acacia Bay. Various food, accommodation a bike mechanics available in Taupō.


The below is just a guide. Please feel free to make up your own itinerary but note there are almost no services between Arapuni and Mangakino.


  • Hamilton to Maungatautiri/Arapuni* (55km/72km)

  • Maungatautiri/Arapuni* to Mangakino (69km/54km)

  • Mangakino to Kinloch (58km)

  • Kinloch to Taupo (29km)

I would normally suggest easing into a ride rather than easing out of it but the big hills are towards the end of the route and this will allow you lots of time to enjoy the off-road trails and the views.


  • Hamilton to Maungatautiri (57km)

  • Maungatautiri to Whakamaru (81km)

  • Whakamaru to Taupo (74km)


  • Hamilton to Mangakino (124km)

  • Mangakino to Taupo (87km)

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